The Various Types Of Terminals

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    There are various types of terminals and they are designed to match the type of traffic which passes through them. Terminals are areas within the ports where major activities regarding cargo movement take place. They contain berths dedicated … Read More

Liner Conference And Trade Lane Agreements

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    Liner Conference And Trade Lane Agreements have been in existence for many years. For several years, liner shipping companies cooperated and worked together in various ways to provide services on major trade routes. They did this through a … Read More

The General Rate Increase In Shipping And It’s Goal In Global Liner Shipping

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                            The General Rate Increase In Shipping and its goal in global liner shipping can never be overrated. Nowadays, the term “General Rate Increase” has become very … Read More

Exportation Of Goods In Nigeria

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    In recent times, the exportation of goods in Nigeria has improved and increased the economy gross domestic products. The government has invested so much on how to minimize importation and encourage exportation of locally produced goods, products and … Read More

Why Shipping Companies Evaluate Carriers…

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Shipping companies, shippers and freight forwarders are constantly seeking carriers that can give them satisfactory services and competitive freight rates. But with carriers having almost the same freight rates, port rotations and even transit times, service quality is the only … Read More

Storage And Handling Systems In Freight Forwarding…

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    Every warehouse operation of a freight forwarder involves storing and handling of goods, and this is the major activity within the warehouse. To do this in an efficient and productive way, storage and handling equipment are required. Activities … Read More

Benefits Of Air Freight Consolidation Shipping In Nigeria

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In this article, I enlighten you on the benefits of air freight consolidation shipping services. I will give more analysis on the reason many importers in Nigeria engage in such services. Let me explain in details what air freight consolidation shipping means. … Read More

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