Forgiveness Is Letting Go

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Hello beautiful people. Good morning.

Today I woke up with the words of Joseph Joubert -never cut what can be untied, and decided to make a post on it. When you have been offended a poor memory is your best response. Stop carrying negative emotions while you go through that process and forgive.

While you’re straining yourself under its weight, the person with whom you’re mad is out there progressing. Forgive your enemies, of course, that means forgiving yourself too, for every man is the greatest enemy to himself, nothing annoys them more. There is no revenge so sweet as the state of mind where you no longer feel angry at or want to punish someone.

One of the greatest strengths you can display is giving up about revenge and daring to forgive an injury. Time has taught me that the promise that something will definitely happen or work out as planned depends largely on our ability to let go.

There are some special privileges we cannot afford and that is revenge. People need loving most when they deserve it the least. Forgiveness heals the heart but time heals the wounds. If we dwell on offences trouble grows if we forgive trouble goes. if you forgive men when they offend you, you get forgiven too. It’s that simple.

The weight of hate greatly drags a person down. It is heavy loads to carry in the race we’re called to run. When faced with the need to forgive and let go, never make the mistake of making excuses like “ but you don’t know what he/she did to me”, “ Where do I begin to forgive?”, “ the wounds don’t seem to heal”.


That may be true but how long do you intend to hold on to all the pain? What really matters is what happens in us, not to us.  A large amounts of brainpower are used up when you think carefully about a negative situation and plot how to get even.

This kind of thinking is completely unproductive. People who burn bridges will be separated far from others and end up alone for the rest of their lives. Stop and think for a moment before you revenge. We all need each other. We’ve had enough hate, hate speech, vengeance, violence and war. Let’s give peace and love a chance. Revenge is a waste of energy.

Sometimes feelings of love, hate, fear etc. can get the best of us. Take a deep breath and redirect your thoughts, have faith, it will lead to the best solution. There are two marks of greatness I believe in- giving and forgiveness. What’s yours?

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Love you guys.

Blessings and love

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