3 common mistakes in shipping by international importers

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3 common mistakes in shipping Nigerian importers make

mistakes in shipping by Nigeria importers


Shipping goods for from one place to another involves basics requirements due to different policies by countries. When shippers want to ship items out to importers, they need avoid common mistakes in shipping. The mistakes in shipping process can affect the trust in the business transaction.

In today's article, I am going to show you 3 common mistakes Nigerian importers make that results in loss of the goods or delaying customs clearance process. Let's discuss it now . The following points are the mistakes importers make while shipping goods to Nigeria.

1. Using manufacturers to send the goods to Nigeria
2. Wrong or double declaration on the documents
3. Packaging:

Using manufacturers to send the goods to Nigeria

Firstly, most manufacturers in other countries always push shipping goods to the importers. This process may cause the issues to the importers in where it comes to customs clearance in the country of destinations. You may ask me the reason for manufacturers insist on shipping the goods out themselves. It is because of the profit relating to freight charges. This method may seems better for an importers at times but if the suppliers makes mistakes in not providing adequate documentations. The importers may be at risk of trusting his shipping process to the manufacturers not a freight forwarding company.

Wrong or double declaration on the documents

The second mistakes in shipping is declarations. Every profession has its own expertise. That means, for anybody to enjoy the expertise there must be consultation form the professionals. Declarations on shipping documents matters and it equivalent to the payable customs import duty of the goods.

Though, the HS code is universal but there are variation on classification with some countries. Any declaration on the shipping documents like bill of lading or Airway bill will always reflect on the Nigeria customs service manifest for import duty collection. This may cause the importers to pay beyond their budget. The declaration may fall under prohibited imported goods name, just because they did not consult a freight forwarding company.


when it comes to packaging, safety and security of the goods come in place. imported goods needs to be packed in order to avoid damages through the shipping process.


There are other mistakes that importers make, but these three mentioned above are the common mistakes make by Nigerian importers. These mistakes can be avoided or corrected by engaging the services of reputable freight forwarding company in Nigeria.

At Emry Freight, We can fill the gap for you as an importer to avoid any mistakes while you are importing your goods from China, India, USA, Germany, South Africa, UK, Italy, France and other countries in the world.

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