Types Of Carriers And Services Offered

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        There are broadly two types of carriers, namely: “common carriers” and “private carriers”, each with peculiar ways of operations. Common carriers: Under the English Law, which many countries, including Nigeria, have adopted, a common carrier is … Read More

Safety Issues In WareHousing

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    Safety issues in warehousing is a crucial topic for all freight forwarders and logistics companies. Most warehouses and distribution centres have standard safety procedures. This is in addition to safety regulations required by certain authorities which must be … Read More

The Various Types Of Terminals

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    There are various types of terminals and they are designed to match the type of traffic which passes through them. Terminals are areas within the ports where major activities regarding cargo movement take place. They contain berths dedicated … Read More

The Nigeria Port Authority And It’s Reforms

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The Nigeria Ports Authority is the government agency responsible for providing port facilities and maritime services in all Nigerian seaports, oil terminals and jetties. It was established by the ports Acts 1954 and began operation on 1st April 1955. Its … Read More

The Need To Establish Processes In Logistics

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        Processes in logistics are procedures designed and used to ensure that the goals of a business are accomplished. These processes are directed at coordinating and streamlining all operations so as to operate efficiently and offer greater … Read More

Exportation Of Goods In Nigeria

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    In recent times, the exportation of goods in Nigeria has improved and increased the economy gross domestic products. The government has invested so much on how to minimize importation and encourage exportation of locally produced goods, products and … Read More

                 Ports And Terminals 

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  Ports and terminals are the essential parts of the global cargo distribution system for imports and exports. Because most economies of the world depend on imports and exports for growth, efficient international transport, which relies on a good port … Read More

Visibility And Control In Logistics And Freight Forwarding

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    Visibility And Control In Logistics And Freight Forwarding is very important. A major activity in logistics is to monitor and control the movement of freight. This means that the status and position of goods should be known at … Read More

Carriers As Key Players In The Supply Chain

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    Companies that provide the physical means of transporting goods are known as carriers, and their role is of extreme importance in any supply chain. These companies purchase (or hire) and manage the trucks, locomotives, ships, and aircraft, including … Read More

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