Ports And Terminals 

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  Ports and terminals are the essential parts of the global cargo distribution system for imports and exports. Because most economies of the world depend on imports and exports for growth, efficient international transport, which relies on a good port … Read More

Visibility And Control In Logistics And Freight Forwarding

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    Visibility And Control In Logistics And Freight Forwarding is very important. A major activity in logistics is to monitor and control the movement of freight. This means that the status and position of goods should be known at … Read More

Carriers As Key Players In The Supply Chain

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    Companies that provide the physical means of transporting goods are known as carriers, and their role is of extreme importance in any supply chain. These companies purchase (or hire) and manage the trucks, locomotives, ships, and aircraft, including … Read More

Why Shipping Companies Evaluate Carriers…

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Shipping companies, shippers and freight forwarders are constantly seeking carriers that can give them satisfactory services and competitive freight rates. But with carriers having almost the same freight rates, port rotations and even transit times, service quality is the only … Read More

Storage And Handling Systems In Freight Forwarding…

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    Every warehouse operation of a freight forwarder involves storing and handling of goods, and this is the major activity within the warehouse. To do this in an efficient and productive way, storage and handling equipment are required. Activities … Read More

Importance Of Documentation Of Goods Being Transported

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  The importance of proper documentation of goods being transported can never be overrated. Transport document is one that is issued under a contract of affreightment. The basic reason for this is to enable those who are responsible for checking, … Read More