International Freight Forwarding and Shipping company in Lagos, Nigeria

Emry freight is the international freight forwarding company in Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in Customs clearance of goods of sea and air cargo. We value the core ethics of shipping services system in assisting exporters and importers to ship and delivery of goods anywhere in the world. The company is structured with Team of professionals in Freight handling, Logistics and Shipping.

Consolidated Shipping

We understand the impact of consolidation of goods on importers profit margins. We have the capacity to handle your shipments in batches.

Cost Effectiveness

Shipping with us will enhance your business expansion with our cost effective pricing system. We consider clients' expenses in shipping while charging.

Prompt Delivery

Timely delivery of goods as schedule is the beauty of cargo handling and courier delivery. We always give our best to meet up with clients demand. We work tirelessly to take deliveries to importers

Global Shipping Services

Our global coverage in shipping and customs clearance process with experienced professionals makes stand out, We operate locally with global services. We are always ready to give your best international services on air and sea freight.

Emry Freight Simplified Shipping Mechanism